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Terms & Conditions

  • We require a deposit in order to secure any booking for any service we offer.
  • This deposit will be discussed with each individual booking.
  • This deposit will also be deducted from the initial amount.
  • Outstanding payment will need to be paid upon job completion / on-the-day.
  • We require a 48 hour cancellation/rearrangement notice.
  • If you cancel before the 48 hour notice you will receive 50% of your deposit back.
  • If you cancel within the 48 hours you will not receive any of your deposit back and to rebook you will need to pay another deposit in order to secure your booking.
  • If for any reason you would like a refund and a refund has been accepted then we require 30 days from the date the refund was accepted to deposit the payment back to you. If the date of refund happens to fall upon a weekend or bank holiday, you will receive your full refund on the next ‘working’ day. 
  • VAT is not applicable at this stage.
  • Late payment will accrue interest at the rate of 3% per day.
  • Any omissions or additional work will be agreed and charged separately.
  • Conformity to all Planning and Building Regulations is the responsibility of the owner.